Friday, April 29, 2016

Storage vMotion of a converted template VM that has VDS fails with "apply storage drs recommendations invalid configuration for device X"

Now this was a weird one.

I was making some space in one of my datastore clusters and decided I would move some templates to another datastore cluster. These were old templates that I hadn't touched in easily a year. I converted them to virtual machines and kicked off a storage vMotion. Right as it was finishing, I got this error

What the? I had never seen that error. All looked normal. After it failed a second time, I decided to Google and found this thread helpful

Particularly because these templates had a NIC with a connection to a VDS and they hadn't been used in a long time. However, "refreshing" the port did not resolve the problem. 

The recommended solutions are to move the nic to a vSS or reclone the machine, but I don't have any vSS on this environment and ain't nobody got time for re-cloning a template. I offer a third option: I removed the NIC and re-added it. Voila, the storage vMotion now succeeded:

Who knew there was such a thing as expiring VDS port reservations? While not explained like this in KB 2006809 , and this is ESXi 5.5, that is the only way I can explain why an operation that had not failed every suddenly fails.

There's definitely a gotcha in there, and that's what this blog is about :)

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