Sunday, April 19, 2015

reset iLO pw from ESXI

I had some problems resetting the iLO password following these posts (which are excellent and had already saved me from setting the iLO address)

I didn't want all of my iLO configuration reset, just the password; and I think it had to do with the different ilo versions, because what I was getting was a syntax error when I tried copy/paste/adjust the method in the first post.

</-- ERROR :      STATUS= 0x0001

     MESSAGE= Error: Line #0: syntax error near "=". -->

Here's a foolproof way:

Frist, dump the ilo info into a file (this makes sure your end file is compatible with the iLO version :) )

/opt/hp/tools # ./hponcfg -w iloconf.txt

vi the file, and use dd to remove all the lines except the ones not in blue, and then add the ones in blue (your new password goes there)

/opt/hp/tools # vi iloconf.txt
<!-- HPONCFG VERSION = "4.4-0.0" -->
<!-- Generated 4/19/2015 21:59:40 -->
 <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="password">
  <USER_INFO MODE="write">
   <mod_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
    <password value="your_new_pw_goes_here"/>

After that run this command, which should always complete successfully

/opt/hp/tools # ./hponcfg -f iloconf.txt

I had no idea what my previous iLO password was, so this works perfectly well to reset the password as long as you can login to your host.

Don't forget to remove the text files from wherever you saved them after you are done. That's a sensitive password you are leaving in clear text!

Lots of little gotchas in this post, which is why it's here - this blog is meant to save you some time with the time I wasted already. If it helped, let me know in twitter :)

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