Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PernixData FVP: Enabling write caching and its effect on VMware backups

This is oversimplified but I just wanted to post this as it's my explanation to my DBAs. As I keep learning the technology I will update this post.


I do have “write acceleration through cache” capabilities, but they have to be disabled when whole VM backups run, because they snapshot the data on the array. This is because when you use a cache for write, some data can be on the cache and not on the array (yet) – this will lead to inconsistent backups, which is a big problem. The good news is that it’s not a problem for backup applications that operate at the VM level.


I'm sharing this because "there's a gotcha there" and guess what this blog is about :)

update: @virtualbacon reminded me this whole operation is mostly automated and pointed me to an excellent post on the topic

"VADP policy automates flush for proxy VMs. For physical use PS automation" PS being power shell.


update2: found 2 more blogs that talk about this

http://poulpreben.com/veeam-direct-san-backups-and-pernixdata-fvp/ by @poulpreben

http://www.tracinglines.net/fvp-and-vadp-simple-integration/ I couldn't find the twitter handle of the owner

 and a copy of my questions with my great Pernix resources via Twitter

began talks with commvault and they do have a VM that does the snapshots - so that VM I would 1/2
go in powercli and do a ""set-prnxaccelerationpolicy -name WHATEVER -vadp" ? 2/2 . thanks for the assist :)

You can do it right in the UI: Advanced->VADP, then add the backup VM. Set backups to hot-add. That's it!

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