Monday, February 9, 2015

Nvidia, multi-monitor VM and Office can cause "VMware Workstation unrecoverable error (vmui) Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred"

There is a whole KB explaining the possible causes.

VMware product unexpectedly fails with an unrecoverable error (1008485)

Remember, the 3 conditions have to be met:

  1. Nvidia driver, doesn't seem related to what version, I had the latest WHQL
  2. Multi-monitor VM (booted as single monitor in my case)
  3. Open any office application

...and wait a bit. Workstation abnormally ends with the error in the title (in my case it's Workstation 10 on Windows, I will confirm if this happens in Fedora).

However, the summary solution is to disable 3d acceleration on the VM. I turned it off to do this first: then Edit Settings, Display, a little check that says "Accelerate 3D graphics", make sure it's emptied, and turn the machine back on.

If you are using Office 2013, you could also disable office hardware acceleration. If I find where to do that in 2010 i'll update the post.

I found the solution in this VMware community thread: ; I'm sharing this summary cause "there's a gotcha there" and guess what this blog is about :)


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