Friday, February 6, 2015

First post - mission statement and who writes this blog

VMware is easy to pickup but difficult to master. Frequently, when I'm in a pinch, a Google search has saved my butt. I've felt immensely grateful to those people who posted their ideas and solutions and made it freely available on the internet for people like me.

I think honesty is paramount, including honesty to oneself. So, let's start with a mission statement for this blog: 

This VMware-focused blog aspires to document tips and "gotchas" that I find while working in my day to day job. It will include tips related to vendors in the VMware ecosystem that I am either testing or have personally implemented.

Since I have a day job that takes most of my non-family time, I don't expect this blog to be as active as some of the widely known bloggers'. However, I will try to write any gotchas I learn, and anything I find I helped someone else with. 

There will be tips that help people just beginning their VMware journey. I'll also post tips concerning older versions that I still use. There also will be tips which are very specific to a particular vendor or implementation scenario. The posts may seem erratic, but remember my intention is for them to show up in your Google search when you really need it.

Who am I to so mercifully spread this knowledge to the internet (pun intended)? Really, I'm someone like you, at some point in your life. I firmly believe I'm barely starting in my knowledge path; the more I dig, the more I find!

I realize my limitations, so I will gladly and humbly accept collaborations from anyone who is interested in adding to this site. The more the merrier!

I have other small and quite unattended blogs that cover a variety of my interests. I use to put them all in one place. You can find my information there.

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